Roughly nine months ago I posted a favorable reaction to a West Los Angeles research screening of Martin McDonagh‘s Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri (Fox Searchlight, 11.10). It came from an anonymous HE reader whom I trust as far as it goes. At the end of his remarks the guy wrote that FS “will probably launch Three Billboards during next year’s fall festivals…probably Toronto, since Seven Psychopaths played there…and then come out in the fall.” Apparently this guy knew or had heard something. Apparently McDonagh’s ties to Team Toronto are still in place. Because word around the campfire is that Billboards is more likely to debut at Toronto than Telluride, presumably with a big gala during the first three or four days. Nothing confirmed, just hearing, etc.

Repeat from 3.26.17: “I despise Caleb Landry Jones, the slurry-voiced, freckle-faced young actor who shares the first scene with McDormand, the guy she’s talking to about what she can and can’t say on a billboard. I’ve listened to his response seven or eight times on headphones, and as best I can tell he’s saying “hoh bee sahls I hate this mothah.” (In response to which McDormand say, ‘That’s right.’) What he’s trying to say is “I guess you’re Angela Hayes’ mother.” I HATE this guy. I also couldn’t understand a word he said in Get Out.”