I flew to Toronto this morning on a tiny-ass jet and landed at 11:30 am. It took me a while to drop the bags off and pick up my badge, but now I’m sitting in air-conditioned comfort at the Sutton Place and surfing on truly excellent wifi. The new upstairs wifi media lounge is closed (“not open until Friday”….cool!) but the downstairs wifi room has more room for laptop guys like myself and fewer flatscreens, which is excellent in terms of breathing space.

Downstairs press/indusry wifi room at Sutton Place.

Do I even need to get a SIM card? All my regular iPhone calls are being forwarded to my Gizmo5 phone and everyone’s voice message is dropped into my email box as an mp3.

I’m not a fan of the hot weather outside. At all. It feels like Kansas in August with asphalt and sweat and fatigue. What happened to the idea of fall starting after Labor Day? I’m not expecting sweater weather but is it too much to ask for moderate fair-breeze warmth in Toronto, Ontario, in the middle of friggin’ September?