I’d naturally prefer to see The Master at Friday night’s public screening at the Princess of Wales theatre rather than Saturday morning (9.8) at 9 am, especially as the latter conflicts with an Saturday 8:45 am screenng of Marina Zenovich’s Roman Polanski: Odd Man Out. I’ve written and cajoled and begged.

Today the Toronto Film Festival handed out small glass bottles of Diet Coke with the old-fashioned caps that you can’t open without an opener. And nobody inside the reception area has an opener. I finally decided to use the edge of the table method…you know, wham it down, pop the cap off, spill Coke on the rug.

The fact that the Toronto Film Festival is passing out both prophylactic and lubricant packets suggests at the very least…you tell me. Next year they’ll be passing out…what, disposable imitation leather S&M masks?

Why would anyone want to buy healthy sandwiches when they’re served inside huge wads of all-but-tasteless, appetite-killing bread?