Kisses director Lance Daly after Tuesday night’s screening at the Tribeca Grand. Here again is my review.

I’ve been having problems with my left eye due to screen brightness. Hours and hours of writing each day is causing my left eye to get red and puffy. (The right eye is feeling left out.) So I’ve been (a) turning the screen brightness down and (b) wearing these green glasses while I write. It helps. It definitely feels less stressful.

One of the things that Brooklynites love about the L line is its tendency to run even slower than usual (and that’s saying something) when it’s really hot or really cold outside. This was taken at the height of rush hour yesterday morning. The cars were jammed tight and everyone was fuming because of the L line’s tardiness. It’s the worst subway line in the world. People offer vulgar gestures, corrrectly, to the driver as the train pulls in.

Dutch soccer fans on Soho’s Grand Street last Tuesday evening.