Are you going to tell me that if your son or daughter has been kidnapped and is being held in some secret, all-but-impossible-to-discover location and might possibly be killed if you don’t find him/her…are you going to tell me that if you’ve captured a close accomplice of the kidnappers who refuses to talk…are you going to tell me that all you’re going to do is take this guy out to lunch and feed him hummus and tomatoes, and if that doesn’t work you’re going to take him out for drinks and then set him up with $5000-a-night prostitute in hopes that he’ll reveal the location?

If your answer is “yes” (and I’m talking to you, Hollywood liberals, and to you, Alex Gibney) then you are a liar. In fact, you have never been more of a liar than you are right now.

Zero Dark Thirty doesn’t precisely say that torture was the thing that got the information about the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden, although it has obviously been applied for several centuries, and presumably with some benefit to the torturers. (Why else would the practice continue over the millenia? Because people like to torture?) Maya (Jessica Chastain) and Dan (Jason Clarke) and their CIA colleagues do whatever they can to get their captors to talk. They try a little torture, they try little hummus. And by hook or crook, they finally get the info they want. Are you going to tell me that if they’d used only hummus, they would have discovered Bin Laden’s Abbotobad address?

It’s moments like these when I’m less than proud to be a lefty. Because the way the liberal Hollywood mob is ganging up on this film is appalling, and close to disgusting. A bunch of sensitive pantywaists towing the sensitive-liberal p.c. line.