On the promotional circuit for whatever film Kristen Stewart, being as inwardly directed as you or me or perhaps more so, is constantly trying to say things that don’t lend themselves to promotion. But that’s not the job at hand so she’s asked all the usual-usuals (as usual) and she’s always saying “well, yeah, kinda…uh-huh, thank you…I guess so” and other defaults. An obvious reticence and discomfort angling toward otherness…right?

After spotting this two or three years ago I thought Stewart might share the moodiness and perhaps some of the talent of Sean Penn or Marlon Brando. Or that she might at least indulge in experiments from time to time that might unleash something. Now I don’t know. Because Snow White and Huntsman (clip at 9:40) looks profoundly ridiculous, and I’m wondering when will the Penn-like, Brando-ish career experimentation start…or is she just going for the money and saying “fuck it” and whatever else?