Is this really happening? N.Y. Post critic/columnist Lou Lumenick is now reporting that Warner Home Video’s forthcoming Shane Bluray (due on 6.4) “will now be presented in the 1:37 aspect ratio instead of the originally announced 1:66 ratio.” Lumenick says he was told this information “by a rep for Warner Home Video, which is handling release of many catalogue titles owned by Paramount Pictures.” No popping the champagne until an official announcement is issued by either Warner Home Video or Paramount Home Video, but this sounds amazing. I’m having an out-of-body experience.

Earlier today Lumenick tweeted that a DCP of the much-reviled 1.66 version of George Stevens‘ 1953 classic would not be shown at TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood next week, and that the correct 1:37 version would screen instead.

So nobody will even see the 1.66 version now? I for one am at least curious to see what all the rumpus was about. It would be interesting to see what will now go down in history as a huge miscalculation on the part of Paramount Home Video. On top of which George Stevens, Jr. assured me in an email received last month that he’d taken pains to make sure that the 1.66:1 compositions would be much more inclusive and balanced than the 1.66 images projected at the Radio City Music Hall when Shane opened in April of 1953. Perhaps the 1.66 version will show up on cable or Netflix/Amazon/Hulu down the road.

Needless to add this is a huge “bitches bow” moment for Hollywood Elsewhere. Lumenick has been an occasional antagonist of me and this column in the past, but he was classy enough to offer congratulations — thanks, Lou.