This five-year-old teaser for the TCM Classic Film Tour of Manhattan is, of course, painful to even glance at, much less consider. To think that there are people lazy or slow enough to sign up for this thing when all they have to do is visit a reputable NYC film location site (like Bob Egan’s PopSpots site) and use Google Maps to roam around town on their lonesome.

I myself have done my own little Taxi Driver, Mean Streets, Prince of the City, Twelve Angry Men and Midnight Cowboy tours at different times. Four or five years ago a friend and I improvised our own little folkie Bob Dylan/Inside Llewyn Davis tour of the West Village, including a visit to the West 4th and Jones street location of the cover photo for The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan.

The only guided film tour I’ve ever taken was a San Francisco Vertigo tour sometime around ’02 or ’03, offered under the auspices of the San Francisco Film Festival.