Everyone believes that Charlize Theron is a likely Best Actress contender for her portrayal of Megyn Kelly in Bombshell. However things turn out in that regard, it seems virtually assured that the makeup people behind her transformation into Kelly will be nominated in their category. As far as I can discern from the IMDB, the principal architects are head of makeup Vivian Baker along with Kazu Hiro, the prosthetic artist who created and applied the jutty Kelly chin. (Not to mention the cheekbones.)

Officially speaking, from the horse’s mouth:

Best Special Make-up Effects / Kazu Hiro, Prosthetic Makeup Designer; Vivian Baker, Makeup Department Head and Richard Redlefsen, Prosthetic Makeup Artist.

Best Contemporary Make-up / Vivian Baker, Makeup Department Head; Cristina Waltz, Key Makeup Artist; and Richard Redlefsen, Makeup Artist.