Special preview footage from JJ AbramsStar Trek (Paramount, 5.8.09) was shown here tonight for fanboy press and exhibs. We were only shown four scenes, but what we saw was jaunty and full of spirit, handsomely and at times beautifully composed (images of massive, mall-like super-cities rising over the plains of futuristic Iowa were a highlight for me), boasting more than a few loose and nervy performances. My favorite was Zachary Qinto‘s Spock because of his natural Vulcan authority, but I’ve always been a sucker for high intellect.

Relatively new plex on 34th Street where roughly 14 minutes of Star Trek footage was unfurled. Director JJ Abrams offered a few remarks, set up the four scenes. Paramount chief John Lesher also attended and spoke.

Here‘s a riff on the showing by AICN’s Louqacious Muse.