An apparently legitimate (i.e., non-fraudulent) early review of Danis Tanovic‘s Triage, which will play at the Toronto Film Festival, appeared a few hours ago. The writer (who couldn’t be bothered to reply to my email) is Anya Wassenberg, a Toronto-based writer/model. She’s not a film scholar, okay, but she did she care enough about Tanovic’s film to post on “If you’re going to the Toronto International Film Festival at all this year, Triage is a must-see,” she says.

She calls it “a truly engrossing film that features masterful storytelling and nuanced, completely convincing performances; one that tackles some of the darker realities of human existence with a view that seems entirely authentic, and truthful in a way that mainstream films so very seldom are.” Her stand-out line: “Damn you, Colin Farrell, for making me cry!” Only I don’t get the “damn you” part. What’s wrong with weeping during a film?