I’ve just been invited to see Craig McCall‘s Cameraman: The Life and Work of Jack Cardiff, on Sunday, 5.16 at 7:45pm — six days hence — at the Salle Bunuel.

My favorite Cardiff-shot films (in this order): John Huston‘s The African Queen, Richard Fleischer‘s The Vikings, John Irvin‘s The Dogs of War, and King Vidor‘s War and Peace. Oh, and I’ve always had a liking for the look of Girl on a Motorcycle, that late ’60s soft-porny leather-zipper thing with Alaine Delon and Marianne Faithful.

Cameraman screened at the BFI in London last week. It was hosted by the indefatigable Martin Scorsese who described the late director as “one of the last pioneers of filmmaking and one of the first artists who gave us color…he was able to create images of heart-stopping beauty and dynamism…once seen, his images are never forgotten, [and] will never fade.”