Ain’t It Cool‘s Mr. Beaks wrote earlier this evening that he’s been “receiving emails from people who’ve ‘heard things’ about what Terrence Malick is up to in Austin, Texas, regarding work on The Tree of Life. One thing he’s heard is that legendary visual f/x legend Douglas Trumbull is working with Malick in some capacity.

“Is he assisting Mike Fink on the dinosaur footage?,” Beaks writes. “I don’t know just yet. But he has been seen knocking around Austin with Malick’s crew, and I can confirm that he has been shooting footage of some sort fairly recently. Personally, I hope he’s involved with the NASA-shot sequences that will allegedly be included in the IMAX movie.

“And when I say ‘IMAX movie’, I mean a whole second movie. That’s right — we’ll be getting two new Malick movies [over] the next year or so. The first is The Tree of Life (which one source tells me is ‘massive’); the other will be an ‘IMAX-only’ feature depicting the birth and death of the universe.

“It’s important to note that these films are not narratively connected, [but] are thematically complementary pieces.”

Sounds a little dicey to me, but who knows?