“This President constantly attempts to distract by flame-throwing…by lighting fires around race and ethnicity. How low can he go? He needs to go back from where he came from” — Queens — “and leave that office.”

Kamala Harris is a fully considered, well-measured adult, which President Trump has never been. And a more thoughtful and articulate speaker than he. Which isn’t difficult. And when riled up, she can be just as combative and jabby. Which is good and necessary.

But the tone and timbre of her voice, conversationally or in the delivery of speeches, isn’t especially transporting, much less soothing. Which isn’t a problem for me, but it may be for some.

Who among the current Democratic contenders has the rousing oratorical command that President Obama had? No one, but the best among them — certainly the catchiest phraser and arguably the most eloquent — is Pete Buttigieg.