This is what Young Americans are really good at. Coast to coast howls. I feel so proud right now. So much better than grief. No peace, no quarter, no reprieve. Street action in NYC, Boston, Portland, Oakland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, etc. Me? I was watching Robert Zemeckis‘s Allied in Westwood. Better than what I expected — a fine, crafty, old-fashioned suspenser. Great integrated FX. A gold standard movie-movie. Will there be anti-Trump L.A. protest tomorrow night? I’m there.

Huge paper-mache Trump heads burns in downtown Los Angeles — Wednesday, 11.9, early evening.

“The overpasses were packed. This is the on-ramp to the 101 freeway. Behind me protesters milled through traffic as the police slowly moved in to stymie the expanding mob. The protesters put their hands over their heads, chanting ‘Hands Up Don’t Shoot.'” — HE’s own Vladimir Cvetko who filed that Syrian refugee piece last April.