Judging by Warren Beatty’s hair and general appearance, I’d say this was taken sometime around Dick Tracy or his Madonna + Truth or Dare period, when he was in his early 50s. Ditto Jack. Trump was 42 or 43.

Arrived by mail yesterday. To have and hold. As mentioned, it’s #2 on best of 2019 films so far. Diane is #1, Leaving Neverland is #3 and Steven Soderbergh’s High Flying Bird is fourth. I need to tap out a slightly longer list, but it’s too warm and beautiful outside right now. Going on a hike.

Let’s say I show up for a business-related chat at some Los Angeles cafe, and the guy comes in wearing these rubber-soled mandals. I would try not to think about them — “ignore, don’t go there, concentrate on the topic at hand and eye contact.” But the more I’d avoid the elephant, the bigger it would become. I would smile and share and discuss whatever and wish him a good day as we part company, but deep down I’d be saying “my God, who wears these things?” Sorry but I would think slightly less of the guy. Just a bit.

Rex Harrison did it.