It’s a four-day weekend coming up (i.e., President’s Day on Monday) so the figures will be that much higher. Mark Steven Johnson‘s Ghost Riders (Sony, 2.16), the Nic Cage-with-a-bad-wig fantasy-actioner, will be through the roof with roughly $40 million — 91 general awareness, 42 definite interest, 25 first choice. Music and Lyrics, a reasonably decent romance that’s opening tomorrow, will do modest to decent business ($15 million?) over the four days. Tyler Perry’s Daddy’s Little Girls is tracking okay for a film appealing to a niche audience (i.e., not expected to get across-the-board support) — 42,37 and 6.

Breach is at 30. 31 and 4….not so hot. Disney’s Bridge to Terabithia is tracking well for a famil film…63 general, 29 definite interest.

Paramount’s Zodiac opens on 3.2.07 (two weeks from this coming weekend), and is at 47, 27 and 3. It’s not looking like a disaster but nether is it expected to do better than fair-to-decent business. The expected rave reviews could help to change things somewhat. Paramount clearly doesn’t believe in it all that much — they’re looking for an opening-weekend fast-burn by lying to people that it’s the latest hot-stuff thriller from the Se7en/Panic Room/Fight Club guy, when the truth is that Zodiac is a richer, artier, much more high-level adult work than any of these films. Paramount has a gold-pedigree film on their hands and they’re looking to sell it as an amped-up popcorn thriller, which is a one-weekend-and-you’re-done strategy.

Joel Schumacher and Jim Carrey‘s Number 23 (opening 2.23, or the weekend after next) is at 55, 37 and 5.