The subject of last night’s Oscar Poker discussion between myself and Sasha Stone was initially the Cannes Film Festival, and how this year’s lineup looks like one of the best in a long time. But then we detoured into a glum assessment of how shallow and smug and soulless the movie-watching realm is becoming due to the effing Millenials being indifferent or oblivious to any film that isn’t massive or powerfully marketed or sequel-y or in some other way culturally unmissable or unavoidable.

The conversation more or less started with Sasha quoting the above Brooks Barnes tweet about how the success of The Great Gatsby proved that film critics have no impact on anything. Look — women just decided they wanted to see this thing. The marketing kicked in, Leo in a romantic role, whatever. And isn’t this just another example of of critic-proof movie, which has been a common term for the last 20 or 25 years at least.