M. Night Shyamalan was totally on top between The Sixth Sense and Signs, but things got bumpy for him with th one-two-three of The Village, Lady in the Water and The Happening. (Although I’ll always be a fan of Mark Wahlberg‘s “talking to the plant” scene, not to mention Andy Samberg‘s talking to animals routine on SNL…hilarious then and now.) Shyamalan has certainly been on a downswirl for the last six years, and now he’s got Wayward Pines, a summer series that feels kind of Children of the Corn-y or Wicker Man-ish with a little Twin Peaks undercurrent. Will M. Night ever again be “the guy” he was between ’99 and ’02? Or was that it? I’ll always respect the way he took his time building up to the payoffs in Signs, and that he wasn’t afraid to use silence from time to time.

Matt Dillon: “How do I get outta here?” Terrence Howard: “Well, I’m gettin’ outta here in June. Headin’ back to New York to play Lucious on Season Two of Empire, which is my main bread-and-butter these days. A chopper comes out and flies me back to Vancouver. But you? Sorry, man but you ain’t goin’ nowhere.”