Once a year I’ll say something nervy or cutting on Twitter in the wrong way, and for a few hours and sometimes for as long as a day or two the Twitter dogs decide that I’m a howling, salivating, razor-clawed Beelzebub — a voice and a mentality so monstrously evil that I need to be bitten and bloodied and ripped to pieces. That or someone who needs to immediately slit his throat or drown himself or jump off a ten-story building at 3 am so as to not hurt any passing pedestrians. Make no mistake: Twitter is an evil, stinking place — an outlet for the acidic, festering rage that is churning inside millions and is probably getting worse as we speak. I’m not going to dignify yesterday’s disgusting conflict by explaining my side of the matter in three or four paragraphs, but here’s a verbal explanation that I shared with Awards Daily‘s Sasha Stone this morning during a podcast recording.