In my book N.Y. Times columnist Bari Weiss attained sainthood the night before last by ripping into militant offense-taking by the p.c. authoritarian left. She laid it all down on Real Time With Bill Maher, which I didn’t see until last night.

“It’s [partly] the narcissism of small differences,” she began. “Anyone who departs from woke orthodoxy gets a lot more heat than people on the actual right. I also think that offense-taking is being weaponized. It is a route now to political power…a way of smearing [a person’s] reputation and making them a liability…it’s a way of taking [people] down a peg.

We’re living through an era of what Weiss calls “the Digital Stain…what people are trying to do is take even the most well-intentioned and anodyne comment and intentionally torque it and then throw it out through the echo chamber of social media in order to ruin people’s reputations.”

Weiss won my initial respect with a 1.16 piece called “Aziz Ansari Is Guilty. Of Not Being a Mind Reader.” What’s up with Aziz, by the way? Is he still hiding out or…? If only Weiss had gently expanded her thesis to include the New Academy Kidz and how they almost (who knows how close they came?) bloc-voted Get Out into becoming the Best Picture winner — a decision that would have been 90% about considerations other than the fact that it was a moderately well-made, racially-stamped Ira Levin movie.

Had the Get Out crowning happened, and thank God it didn’t, the Oscars would have really and truly become the new woke MTV Awards.