Two days ago (on Sunday, 2.5), Variety posted a Nicole LaPorte piece that went after internet news and gossip sites (she named Defamer, David Poland‘s Movie City News,’s “FishBowlLA” and running unconfirmed, un-fact-checked, apparently untrue scuttlebutt about two alleged developments — (a) Universal’s Stacey Snider looking to bail on her job and take a top post at Paramount, with Par’s president Gail Berman getting whacked to make room for her, and (b) ICM and Endeavor looking to merge. Poland’s response has been to note that LaPorte’s story “fails to report the many times that Movie City News has scooped Variety while falsely associating MCN standards [in her piece] with those of self-labeled gossip site Defamer” and to note that despite the touting fact-checking she “failed to contact [MCN] before making self-serving proclamations.” Anyway, that happened last weekend and yesterday. And now here’s another good retort by MCN’s “The Reeler.”