A capsule description of April Mullen‘s Below Her Mouth, a 2016 Toronto Film Festival attraction, from Toronto Star film critic Peter Howell: “Erika Linder and Natalie Krill play illicit lesbian lovers in a made-in-Toronto film that promises to push the boundaries for cinematic sex, as Blue Is the Warmest Color did before it. Shot by an all-female crew, the TIFF program calls it ‘one of the boldest and sexiest dramas of the year.'”

Wells thought: “If this scene was about (a) a guy attempting to make out with a cute girl in a bar, (b) the girl changing her mind and running outside and darting down an alley and (c) the guy chasing her down and more or less saying ‘wait, you can’t run away, I really want to fuck you’ and putting the moves on her again, a viewer might presume it’s about a predator engaged in a kind of aggressive date rape. But because it’s about lesbians, nobody raises an eyebrow.”

As I said in late July, if I were a lesbian I would be into dishy hotties and not, you know, dykey types with male-ish features. I was derided as an insensitive, clueless asshole for posting this, but all I was saying is that I would be more into women like Below Her Mouth costar Natalie Krill than a flannel shirt and leather jacket type like Alicia Cargile. Is that really such an awful thing to say?

Of course it is — it’s a terrible, terrible thing to say. But if a straight woman had posted the same thing, she would not have been beaten up — trust me.