Two positive AICN fanboy reviews of Universal’s Evan Almighty from a recent Sacramento research screening…whatever. I guess it’s time to consider the possibility that this grossly expensive event comedy might not be so bad, although I still maintain that lots of money always works against any concept of “funny.”

Here’s a graph that got my attention more than any other: “The part of the film that surprised me the most, was how big it felt in sheer scope. I had no idea that the film would actually have so many animals, every single freaking member of the animal kingdom made it into the movie. All in pairs of course.

“[And yet] they never simply served as set pieces, they really developed a life of their own, playing off Steve Carrell to a tee, especially the monkey’s. Then of course there was an amazing CG sequence, that I won’t give away, that although incomplete in this version of the movie, transformed this fun comedy into what felt like a movie of epic proportions.”