I can’t get enough of Ruben Fleischer‘s Zombieland (Sony, 10.2). The various trailers I’ve seen keep getting more and more kickass. I know exactly what it’ll be (I think) and I’m 90% convinced I’m going to love it unless, you know, it shows a lack of discipline and good story structure and all the other basics. I’m expecting something on the level of Dawn of the Dead mixed with….uhm, Adventureland?

Too bad it’s not being shown at Toronto since every serious-minded film festival needs at least one stupidly enjoyable goof-off flick. And it won’t be that stupid because Jesse Eisenberg is costarring. Eisebnberg’s presence is almost an assurance of quality in that he seems to ask for an Owen Wilson clause in his contracts — he can’t and won’t do full-on stupid, and his lines have to have an element of conversational realism. If it was just Woody Harrelson doing his struttin’ around good-ole-boy thing I might have qualms, but it’s clearly more than that.