“When other people in the junket rooms would just nod politely, do whatever was asked of them by the studio, and play ball (myself included), Andy Jones would speak up, occasionally get thrown out, but always manage to sneak back in.

“I still don’t know what happened at the double-junket for Jeepers Creepers 2 and Cabin Fever, but after there was all this chatter going on with him finally being shown the door, he was at my roundtable fifteen minutes later asking his questions and going to town like nothing happened.” — from Mark Wheaton‘s farewell piece to Andy piece on CHUD — warm, affectionate, well-written.
And here’s a Variety obit by Diane Garrett — three wafer-thin graphs about Jones’ death and career history, and five graphs exploring how A Mighty Heart, which Jones was watching the night before last as he suffered his fatal heart attack, has stirred up more than its share of trouble and tumult. If Garrett had worked it a bit more, she could have thrown in an assessment about Angelina Jolie‘s career curve.
Seriously, the piece reads as if a Variety editor told her, “This guy Jones didn’t accomplish enough and wasn’t important enough to warrant a regular obit so make something out of the fact that his heart gave out when he was watching A Mighty Heart….that’s a catchy angle.”