Another likely Telluride Film Festival attraction, I gather, is Sally Potter‘s Ginger & Rosa. Set in 1962 London, it’s about two young girls (Elle Fanning, Alice Englert) venturing away from a somewhat arrogant, elitist, lefty intellectual environment and finding their way through the city and its attractions. Pic costars Annette Bening and Christina Hendricks. A tipster who’s never really liked any of Potter’s previous films calls it “a huge surprise” and says Fanning’s performance is “extraordinary.”

IMDB logline: “Ginger and Rosa are inseparable. They play hookey together, discuss religion, politics and hairstyles, and dream of lives bigger than their mothers’ frustrated domesticity. But as the Cold War meets the sexual revolution, and the threat of nuclear holocaust escalates, the lifelong friendship of the two girls is shattered by the clash of desire and the determination to survive.”