Past Deadline‘s Ray Richmond has passed along an “undeniably pessimistic and hardcore but I believe at least semi-plausible theory” about what may soon be going on regarding WGA-AMPTP negotiations:

“The studios make a deal with the Directors Guild, whose residual guarantees don’t come close to matching what the WGA is seeking. A producer rep circulates around the idea that things are looking up and informal talks have commenced. There is a resumption of in-person bargaining, followed quickly by an abrupt break-off and the usual angry recriminations along the lines of ‘So it seems those arrogant bastard writers think they’re worth more than the directors!’ and “We held out an olive branch and they ripped it to shreds!”.
“The producers still have done nothing to move the talks forward — or in truth even start them — yet can seize the moral high ground. The WGA side will have been lured into a trap. The premise postulates that the studios have zero interest in ever coming to a reasoned agreement but are instead moving resolutely forward on a campaign of solidarity splintering and ultimate guild destruction.”