I’d been telling myself all along that the first reactions to Angelina Jolie‘s Unbroken would be posted after the 11.30 WGA screening and certainly after the 12.1 press screening at the Arclight. But no — the very first reviews will pop two days from now (around L.A.’s lunch hour on Monday, 11.17) following the Australian premiere of Angelina Jolie‘s Unbroken on Monday evening, 11.17, at Sydney’s legendary State Theatre. This special benefit showing is a gesture of thanks for the generous financial assistance (as much as $20 million, I’m told) given to the Unbroken production team by the Australian government. Which is well and good, but when’s the last time a major Best Picture contender (it’s the #1 Best Picture pic by Fandango’s Dave Karger on the latest Gurus of Gold chart) had its big world premiere overseas? The view on Universal’s end, I gather, is that nobody is “hiding” Unbroken (as MCN’s David Poland suggested this morning), and that maybe I should wait and see the film first.

LA/Sydney time primer: Sydney is 19 hours ahead of Los Angeles, and at any hour it’s almost always the next day. So right now or 2:10 pm Saturday afternoon in Los Angeles, it’s 9:10 am in Sydney on Sunday morning. Tomorrow at this time (Sunday at 2 pm) it’ll be 9 am on Monday in Sydney. And on Monday, 11.17 at 1 or 2 pm Los Angeles time, it’ll be 8 or 9 am on Tuesday morning, which is when most critics who attended the Monday night screening will have their reviews posted.