“We should worry about the [wokester] hive mind policing content at the New York Times. We should worry when any story is suppressed to tell a more idealized one, a safer one, or one that won’t offend. You can’t even find legit criticism of the forced resignation of op-ed editor James Bennet beyond rightwing outlets because the only outlet that would cover it would have been the Times under Bennett, who attempted to deliver an opposing viewpoint. They aren’t going to police themselves but they should.

“The truth is that the New York Times must learn how to stand up to Twitter. While every respectable outlet should carefully read every potentially incendiary piece before publication ten times over, they should never not publish something for fear of offending. And if they do make that decision not to publish out of a responsibility to keep the peace, that is their call.

“But trial by mob can’t ever be an option. Then you become no better than the Nazis or hardcore Christians advocating for book-burning because material in it might be ‘dangerous’ to young minds.” — from Sasha Stone‘s “The New York Times and Others Must Stand up to Twitter for the Sake of Journalism and Freedom of Speech,” posted on Medium on 7.9.