I’m feeling a teeny bit nervous about getting into a timely screening of Cameron Crowe‘s Aloha (a.k.a., Son of Deep Tiki) before leaving for France on the evening of May 7th. It opens on 5.29, at which point I’ll be in Prague. Three business days in Los Angeles before catching a red-eye for New York, and then I’ll have Thursday and Friday of this week in New York followed by four more days next week (5.4 thru 5.7) before catching a red-eye to Paris. I’m feeling curiously optimistic in my expectations. With all the negative build-up over the last few months, largely due to Amy Pascal’s dismissive comments in that hacked email, the film merely has to be half-decent to seem pretty good. I still have to laugh at that allegedly legit summary of a screening report that Gawker posted, to wit:

Pascal: “It’s a wrap. There is no more to do. People don’t like people in movies who flirt with married people or married people who flirt. The satellite makes no sense. The gate makes no sense. I’m never starting a movie again when the script is ridiculous, and we all know it.”

Please, seriously…the expanded director’s cut of Aloha should be called Aloha: Son of Deep Tiki.