United 93 costar Christian Clemenson, an excellent actor, [has invoked] Tolstoy’s conviction that the aim of art is to state the question clearly — not to provide answers . I’m not sure what that question is in United 93. There’s the obvious one about why communications broke down. There’s a question about what these hijackers looked like, how they saw themselves. And there’s the central question: With more fictionalized 9/11 films to come, including one by Oliver Stone, is it too soon? My answer is that if they truly help us — as the brilliant, tightly focused, and momentous United 93 helps us — to fill in the gaps in our knowledge and to pose more incisive questions, then it is not soon enough.” — New York magazine film critic David Edelstein in the current issue. (Edelstein believes that World Trade Center is “fictionalized”? My understanding is that the script is substantially about what more or less happened. Maybe Edelstein meant “dramatically embroidered“?)