“In 2013, the parents of a five year-old recovering from leukemia asked the Greater Bay Area Make-A-Wish Foundation to help him become a superhero for a day. The event’s announcement went viral, thousands of volunteers and well-wishers flooded the streets of San Francisco, and millions more tuned in online — all recounted in Dana Nachman‘s documentary Batkid Begins: The Wish Heard Around the World. Prior to the film’s Slamdance world premiere, Julia Roberts‘ representatives announced that she’s attached to produce and star as one of the event’s key organizers in a feature film version of Batkid’s story. Whether that development will drive theatrical response for this documentary or simply seal the deal for small-screen opportunities, this project might not be the last we’ll hear of the young boy’s heroic exploits.” — from Justin Lowe‘s THR review, dated 1.30.15. The New Line release opens on 6.26.

“The national Make-A-Wish Foundation, established to provide terminally ill children with unique experiences, has granted thousands of ‘wishes’ over the past 35 years. When the parents of Miles Scott, a young boy from rural Tule Lake, Calif., who is suffering from leukemia, contact the organization’s regional office to help him become Batman, the chapter begins planning an event that will make him ‘Batkid’ for a day. A shy, imaginative boy with superhero aspirations, Miles endured months of hospital and follow-up treatment and medication for his condition.”