Postal director Uwe Bohl has passed along some dismissive opinions to the Arizona Daily Star‘s Phil Villarreal: (a) “Steven Spielberg is a great director, but a lot of his movies are not really interesting.” [HE comment — agreed on the “not really interesting” part, but not on the “g” word. Spielberg clearly seemed on the road to greatness in the ’70s and early ’80s, but that illusion has been since dispelled.] (b) “Alexander was shit.” [HE comment — Oliver Stone‘s farts are more interesting than any Bohl film.] (c) “I love Terminator 2 but Titanic is kind of meh. It won the Oscars and then one year later you’re watching it on TV thinking `how did this fucking movie make all this money? I couldn’t stand it anymore.” [HE comment — Titanic‘s deserved success is all about the last 25 minutes.]