V for Vendetta is a box-office disappointment. Tracking on the Warner Bros./Wachowski Bros. release showed a projected $25 to $30 million, but Friday’s figures are indicating only a $21 million weekend haul, and it could wind up a bit lower. The reviews were mostly positive with some pans from major names mixed in, and the the film’s radical-leftist political metaphor probably isn’t playing as well in the boonies as it is the cities. Sidney Lumet’s Find Me Guilty has badly tanked, apparently destined to bring in less that $500 thousand in 439 theatres. (It did $156,000 on Friday, averaging $1100 a print.) Failure to Launch was off 40%…expected to do $14.7 million in 3117 theatres. The Shaggy Dog went up 11% from last weekend …a three-day $14,454,000 tally is expected by Sunday night.