I was reading Jennifer Pearson‘s Tomkat cover story (“Tom and Katie’s Big Blow-up!”) in the latest Star in the checkout line at Gelson’s last night, and was startled to read that Valkyrie, Bryan Singer and Tom Cruise‘s still-shooting WWII thriller, is now being called Rubicon. That’s dead wrong, I found out. I just want to clarify that in case anyone else reads this Star story over the next three or four days and goes “whoa” when they read this.

I called Pearson and her Florida-based editor, Larry Brown, to see what the source was, but Brown dummied up and Pearson said the Rubicon title was inserted into the story by a news editor in the Star‘s Manhattan editorial offices. MGM publicist Dennis Rice wasn’t in (he’s in Berlin) but Allan Mayer of 42 West, who represents MGM and/or Valkyrie, said the Star “got it wrong,” that the film’s title is definitely Valkyrie and that Rubicon is an old boilerplate title that was never officially used.