Congratulations to IndieWire‘s Zack Sharf, an obedient soldier for the woke brigade, getting hired as Variety‘s digital news director.

At IndieWire Sharf posted anything and everything that might hurt the Oscar chances of Green Book…didn’t work out!

In August 2018 Sharf jumped into that totally moronic, p.c.-inflamed Good Boys controversy after TMZ posted photos of a stand-in for 11-year-old Keith Williams wearing makeup to darken his skin color. Sharf did his best to further inflame things by getting a cinematographer to say that the practice of applying blackface for lighting purposes was “unorthodox.”

In a 5.4.21 interview with Barry Jenkins, Sharf wrote that “Jenkins’ biggest issue with the gaffe all these years later is that it perpetuated a false narrative that Moonlight only won Best Picture because the Academy wanted to honor a Black film.” Spike Lee to Variety, 6.21.17, starting at :37: “The reason why what happened at the Oscars this year [i.e., during the 2.26.17 Oscar telecast, when Moonlight was belatedly announced as the Best Picture Oscar] was because of the year before [with] #OscarsSoWhite. I mean, that was a bad look for the Academy, and they had to switch up with more inclusion, more diversity.”

In a 6.28.21 piece about The Harder They Fall Sharf was so terrified of using the term “Black western” that he wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole. In his riff about a new trailer for The Harder They Fall, he went with Netflix’s term — a “new school Western.”

By the way: Sharf wrote in July 2019 that The Lighthouse will be presented “in Academy ratio,” which would mean 1.37:1. In fact the film was presented in 1.19:1 — an aspect ratio introduced in 1926.