Variety‘s Michael Fleming is reporting that the “official” title of Steven Spielberg’s currently-rolling feature about Israel’s revenge on the Palestinians behind the 1972 Munich killing of Israeli athletes is Munich…or at least that the cover page of Tony Kushner’s script “starts” with this word. Fleming repeats the general concern about the film leaning too heavily on a book about the Israeli operation called “Vengeance,” because the book’s veracity “has been widely questioned.” Look…I figured this whole thing out in a piece than ran on March 9th. Read it over and tell me if it doesn’t make sense. The bottom line is that Munich will be Spielberg’s second major-league feature having to do with lethal aggression against Jews, the first being Schindler’s List, and he knows this latest effort will be compared to his 1993 Oscar winner, so he’s got to make it complex, high-minded, morally probing. You can figure that Munich will be some kind of super-charged, early William Freidkin-type thriller about the ultimate futility of seeking revenge, with a theme (as suggested by a published quote from Munich costar Daniel Craig) that says “if we all keep taking an eye for an eye, pretty soon the world will be blind.” This is an actual line from a 1986 TV movie called Sword of Gideon that dealt with the same subject.