Hollywood Elsewhere has to drive out to Burbank airport around 10 am in order to arrive at long-term parkling by 10:35 or 10:40 am in order to catch the shuttle and be at the gate by 11 am for a Las Vegas flight that leaves around 12 noon. Okay, I guess I don’t have to be there precisely by 11 am but why flirt with fate? Because there’s always something else I want to post, that’s why, and I’m compulsive that way.

Arriving LV at 1:05 pm. Check in at the Hard Rock by 2 pm. Off to Ceasar’s Palace on foot by 3 or 3:30 pm. Pick up badge by 4 or 4:30 pm. And then do a little filing between then and the first event.

Did I mention this is all about Cinemacon? I didn’t? Ah, well. “It’s the charge, it’s the bolt, it’s the buzz, it’s the sheer fuck off-ness of it all. Am I right?” Wells to Katherine Brodsky: Name the film, the screenplay author, the actor who said it and so on.