GreenCine Daily’s summation of Venice Film Festival reactions to Brian DePalma‘s Redacted — three yays (from the Hollywood Reporter‘s Ray Bennett, the Telegraph’s David Grittten and Alternet’s Adam Howard) and one nay (from Variety‘s Derek Elley) — obviously raises the want-to-see for Toronto Film Festival folk.

At issue is not just the film itself but the long-awaited redemption of DePalma, which many are very keen to see happen. I’m even including myself in this group, despite my having been cold on DePalma for many, many years. I had written him off, frankly. I started to write him off after The Fury. His last half-decent effort was Carlito’s Way, and even that had problems. I don’t want to go over the potholes again. What matters is that DePalma might be back in the game again…maybe.