Another Stanley Kubrick doc? Revealing what never-before-seen-or-heard content? What could be uncovered that isn’t the realm of common knowledge?

Any way you slice it the online Tribeca Film Festival will present Gregory Monro‘s Kubrick on Kubrick, a 73-minute dissection of many interviews given by Kubrick over a 30-year period.

Boilerplate: “Stanley Kubrick’s mark on the legacy of cinema can never be measured. He was a giant in his field, his great works resembling pristine pieces of art, studied by students and masters alike, all searching for answers their maker was notoriously reticent to give. While he’s among the most scrutinized filmmakers that ever lived, the chance to hear Kubrick’s own words was a rarity…until now.

“No stranger to investigating legends of the screen, Monro’s exuberant and lyrical cinematic essay is vital. Taking viewers on a journey beyond Jupiter, Kubrick by Kubrick celebrates the essence of what film means to those who make it, and those who watch.”