A very curious decision has been made by the people at Taschen, at the request of Miami Vice director Michael Mann , to delay the release of what that big Taschen book about Mann’s career until sometime in the fall, instead of releasing it concurrent with Miami Vice‘s 7.28 opening, which is what the plan apparently was a few weeks ago.

What could Mann’s motive possibly be? Does he want the Taschen book coming out at the same time as the Miami Vice DVD, which I presume will street sometime in November? The only other fall-release motive would be to goose awards consideration, but Miami Vice is not being seen, good as it may be, as an awards-level thing. What a shame, in any event. For me Miami Vice is the Big One to watch for, and I was so looking forward to leafing through this book (and through F.X. Feeney’s essay about Mann) sometime next month as a kind of anticipation exercise.