Former HE columnist Pablo Villaca, the Brazil-based editor of Cinema em Cena, told me with a couple of days ago that he “almost died in August” but is now back from the abyss and euphoric for that simple fact.

“After spending almost the whole month in the hospital and going through two major abdominal surgeries, I’m finally home and recuperating. I lost more than one meter of my colon and another 10 centimeters of my intestine, but I’m alive. They suspected I had cancer, but the biopsy showed that was not the case. I had complications from the first surgery and had to go through another one and it was a close call. But thanks to God, the modern medicine and the competence of my doctors, I’m still here.

“And it’s a great feeling. Value your health, my friend. Most of the time, we only remember how important it is when it’s gone.” Cheers to Pablo and the benefits of modern medicine…onward!