Selma Dell’Olio‘s Fellini of the Spirits will stream on 1.2.21 via the San Diego Italian Film Festival. The doc honors the 100th anniversary of Fellini’s birth — the 101st is less than 20 days off.

I’ve watched three movies on acid — Fellini Satyricon, Sidney Pollack‘s Castle Keep and William Wyler‘s Funny Girl. Talk about melted and mesmerized.

A friend and I watched Satyricon together. We didn’t talk back to the screen, didn’t trade notes, didn’t chuckle…just sat there like marble statues. But when it ended, we looked at each other for two or three seconds before erupting in gales of laughter. Joyful, ecstatic laughter…all those grotesque Fellini faces, the impressions spilling over, all the perversity and phantasmagoria, etc. It was glorious.