I’m feeling a bit alienated from under-40 movie actors, mainly because I can understand maybe half of what they’re saying in movies these days. It’s my fault, not theirs. I grew up trying to speak clearly and concisely, and I guess I got used to others speaking the same way, especially actors in movies. I could actually understand those guys (i.e., actors who peaked from the 1930s to the early aughts) each and every time they spoke. But times have changed. I need to learn how to speak with a little uptalk mixed in with some vocal slur fry. That basically means I need to take it easy with the clear enunciation and speaking from the diaphragm at a moderate pace, and instead try speaking solely from the throat with an emphasis on fast and slurry and…well, basically sounding like I just woke up. Instead of saying “does this room have a mini-bar?”, I need to say “havaminibar?” It’s not hard. I can get into it. I know of a West Hollywood vocal coach who might be able to help. He charges $75 an hour.