Part one of Lars von Trier‘s Nymphomaniac is playing theatrically and has been VOD-accessible for a while now. Part two is also viewable at home and opens theatrically on 4.4. A fair portion of the HE community has presumably taken the plunge. Reactions would be appreciated. I called the first installment “an intelligent, jaggedly assembled, dispassionate wank [making] faintly satiric philosophical points…an assortment of explicit sex depictions are made to seem quite clinical and occasionally tedious, and vaguely repellent from an emotional/spiritual standpoint.” I described the second installment as “a downward spiral in the fate of Charlotte Gainsbourgh‘s Joe…her narrative goes in a darker and colder direction with less and less oxygen…where Volume One used dry satire to mitigate a somewhat arid and clinical tone, Volume Two is a cinematic equivalent of a ‘cold spot’ in a haunted house.”