Late last year director Lars von Trier (The Boss Of It All) spoke of being clinically depressed, but he’s out of it now. He’s confessed to Radar‘s Matt Thompson that “maybe my problem is that I talk too much…I’ve been through three months of depression in the last year, and for some reason everyone seems to think I’m in a straight jacket, which I’m not.”

He explains that The Boss Of It All, which has a very decent 86% positive Rotten Tomatoes rating, is “supposed to be like some of these comedies you make in America: The Shop Around the Corner, Bringing Up Baby, The Odd Couple…all these little talent films. Maybe not so sentimental. Those films were part of my childhood. I was always feeling very secure when I saw them. I was trying to find this mood in Boss of It All.
“It shouldn’t be like Naked Gun, where you’re supposed to laugh all the time. It should only be a little time where you can feel secure.”