After quoting ex-CIA Valerie Plame‘s thoughts about who might portray her in a film based on her book “Fair Game” (i.e., “I just hope it’s someone with intelligence and good skills…that’s a lot to ask in Hollywood”), New York‘s “Vulture” column quips that Plame apparently “hasn’t yet heard that Kate Beckinsale will play her in a movie.”

They’re referring to Rod Lurie‘s currently-lensing Nothing But The Truth, except Beckinsdale plays a Judith Miller-type character — a younger Miller who’s marred with kids. The Plame character is played by Vera Farmiga.

Update: Having read this item earlier this afternoon, Lurie sent along the following: “It seems that every press report I have read about my new film Nothing But The Truth refer to it alternately as Judith Miller or Valerie Plame-inspired. It would be coy not to fess up that the Miller incarceration provided the seed for my film, but, really, the movie has its own story.

“The real dynamic of the film is what would happen if the reporter and the screwed-over subject of an article she wrote, had young children that went to school together. I’m not going to get into the specifics of the story here or anywhere, but anybody looking for a recounting of the Wilson-Plame affair should go see the film version of Fair Game once it is shot. (I’ll be one of them). By the way, there are many great actresses to play both Judy and Valerie when that film comes to fruition. Judy could be portrayed by Sigourney Weaver or Judy Davis and Plame (I am basing this on the resemblance) by Naomi Watts or Robin Wright Penn.”