I now have good reason to doubt Glenn Erickson‘s review of the Blu-ray Dirty Harry disc that I linked to and commented about yesterday. Erickson was cool with Fox Home Video’s controversial Patton Blu-ray disc, but has claimed that the Dirty Harry disc shows “heavy tweaking to minimize grain, sharpen contrast and brighten colors” and that “heavy processing has given most night shots an almost unnatural look.”
The reason is that transfer guru and unrequited grain-worshipper Robert Harris doesn’t agree, and neither, according to a well-placed source, does Clint Eastwood himself. Harris says that the Harry disc looks like beautifully restored film and not digital data (unlike, in his opinion, the case with the Patton disc). And an on-the-lot source has told me that Eastwood approved the Blu-ray transfer during a test screening late last year.
Eastwood “came in to watch the first ten minutes, said it was fine, and then got up, went to the back of the room, sat down and watched the whole thing,” the source says. “The only grain reduction was done to even out the grain structure. We also toned down a blood scene so it wouldn’t look so day-glo red.”