To stay or not to stay? You’re feeling more and more irked, anxious, unsettled. You knew the movie wasn’t working almost immediately, and now there’s no question. All you have to is grab your bag and get up and “slip out the back, Jack.”

It’s really that easy. You don’t have to explain yourself or face recriminations from publicists. You can just escape — twenty or thirty paces and you’re free. And that’s what I am right now — a free man.

All to say I’ve just walked out of Dustin Lance Black‘s What’s Wrong With Virginia?. I’m sorry but I don’t — didn’t — give a damn about the angry rurals in Black’s world — small-town, Christian, cigarette-smoking, fetish-indulging loons all caught up in what I saw as sad, meandering, insignificant crap.

A critic friend just wrote the following: “I walked out of Bunraku after 15 minutes, and Brighton Rock after 45. But I liked Last Night. Now I’m in the middle of the Line for What’s Wrong With Virginia.”